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Coach Application

Thank you for interest in Hopes Answer and becoming involved. All volunteers that wish to become involved in Hopes Answer must complete our screening process. This process must be done to ensure the safety of all volunteers and the public.

There are three steps to our screening process. First step applicants must fill out the required application below. If the application meets our standards, then the applicant will move to step two. Step two, a criminal background must be completed by the applicant. All background checks will be completed by Sentry Link. Once the background check is received by us and reviewed the applicant may proceed to step three if the background check is approved. Step three, an interview with senior members of Hopes Answer.

If you have any questions regarding our screening process, please email us at

Applicant Personal Info

We understand people's concerns when it comes to sharing personal information. We will only ask the questions that we feel are absolutely necessary to properly screen applicants who wish to participate in our organization/ministry.

Education Background

As a Hopes Answer coach there are no education requirement. These questions are optional and should only be answered if they apply to you. Your answers in this section does not determine the final decision.

Criminal History

The following questions are required for this screening. If answering yes to any of these questions does not disqualify an applicant immediately. All answers in this section will be reviewed and examined thoroughly before a final decision is made.

Applicants Values & Beliefs

Below are our values and beliefs here at Hopes Answer. The following questions are to see where you stand in your values and beliefs.

Additional Information About Applicant

The following questions are about your interest and why you choose to seek out participation at Hopes Answer.
Please write at least one paragraph in your response.
Please be specific in your response.
There is no right or wrong answer. Your answer doesn't disqualify you from being accepted to our program.