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1 John 5:4 – Monday November 16, 2020

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Thoughts on 1 John 5:4

God does not promise that obeying his word will make our lives easier or without hardship. We are promised that we can overcome those hardships because we are born of God. There is nothing in this world that we cannot overcome with God on our side. It will require hard work and discipline at times but, it is not impossible. Thank the Lord for a way to overcome those trying times. During times like we see now with Covid-19, sometimes our Faith becomes our own trying situation. Sometimes our faith is less than it should be but, we can overcome that as well. Everyone goes through times when we lack the faith to conquer some situations. If we put our trust and faith in the Lord fully, we will overcome and conquer any obstacle in life.

Let’s Pray Together

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you today to give you praise for the promise of conquering hardships and obstacles placed before us. Help us to remember that just because we obey your words that life does not become easier for us. Remind us daily that we are a child of yours and we will conquer the situations that we face. During the pandemic people’s faith will be tested, we pray that they will remember your words and know they will conquer during this time. Help us to keep our trust in you and keep the faith in you Father. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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